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Name: SPL 、SPLLA Sharpy 7R SPOT 230W
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Characteristic function:
■ Small size and light weight can use in any occasion;
■ Running speed and strobe speed very fast;
■ Streamline appearance made by PC engineering plastic,molding in one time;
■ Low working noise under a mute motor,And agood performance moving head;
Technical parameters:
■TFT color touch screen+tickle button;
■ Mute design
※Electrical Specification
■ Power Supply:AC110~240V,50/60Hz
■ Power consumption: 350W
  ■ Lamp:: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 230W
■ Ballast::mating OSRAM lamp electric ballast
■ Life:2000h(Noramal operating conditions)
■ Color temperature: 7500±300K
※Optical System
  ■ High-precision lens group
  ■ Electronic focusing
  ■ Prism: 3 prisms with positive and negative rotation and prism location function
  ■ Color wheel: one color wheel,14 kinds of color chips in one color wheel
  ■ Rotating Gobo Wheel: 8 inserted rotation gobos and white circle with jitter and arbitrary positioning function
  ■ Frost: 0~100% linear frost
  ■ Dimmer: 0~100% linear dimmer
  ■ Strobes/Shutter:0~13 Hz strobes or random strobes
※DMX Control
  ■ Control channels: 16/20CH
  ■ Protocol: Standard USITT DMX-512
  ■ 3 pole XLR;(+)=Pin3  (-)=Pin2  (Gnd)=Pin1
  ■ Die DMX-addressing starts at the DMX channel (001)
  ■ Two kind of operation mode: DMX-512/Masterslave 
  ■ Pan scan: 540°(8/16 bit precision scan),Electric correction
  ■ Tilt scan: 270°(8/16 bit precision scan),Electric correction
※Product Structure
  ■ Product size: Width: 337mm;Depth: 405mm; Height: 520mm
  ■ Packing size: 360*435*550mm
■ Net Weight: 17Kg  Gross Weight: 19Kg
■ Protection Degree:  IP20
※ Rigging
  ■ Ambient temperature: -20℃--+40℃(104K)
  ■ Humidity: 10%—90%TH
通道 通道模式Mode/Channel
16CH 20CH
1 颜色轮:Color Wheel 颜色轮:Color Wheel
2 切光/频闪:Shutter, strobe 切光/频闪:Shutter, strobe
3 调光:Dimmer intensity 调光:Dimmer intensity
4 图案盘:Gobos 图案盘:Gobos
5 图案旋转:Rotating Gobos 图案旋转:Rotating Gobos
6 棱镜:prism 棱镜:prism
7 棱镜旋转:Rotating prism 棱镜旋转:Rotating prism
8 雾化: Frost 雾化: Frost
9 调焦: Focus 调焦: Focus
10 X旋转: Pan Movement X旋转: Pan Movement
11 X旋转微调: Fine control of Pan movement X旋转微调: Fine control of Pan movement
12 Y旋转: Tilt Movement Y旋转: Tilt Movement
13 Y旋转微调: Fine control of Tilt movement Y旋转微调: Fine control of Tilt movement
14 宏功能:Macro 宏功能:Macro
15 复位:RESET 复位:RESET
16 灯泡控制:Lamp control 灯泡控制:Lamp control
17 无:NO XY 速度: Speed Pan/Tilt movement
18 无:NO 颜色轮速度: Speed Of Color  Speed
19 无:NO 调光-棱镜-雾化速度: Speed Of macro Speed
20 无:NO 图案盘 速度: Speed Of gobo Speed